Listen first. Sell later. A simple statement—with sensational results. When your customers know they have your ear (well, both of them), you’ll have their business. Let’s have a conversation here about how applying the Listen First, Sell Later concept can transform old-school business practices into a personal exchange that delivers for everyone. I’m here—and I’m listening. Bob Poole is called The Sales and Marketing Guru®. But, that isn’t the entire story.

“Who is Bob Poole?”

We asked some friends to send us a video with the answer to that question. Here it is for your enjoyment.

Thank you to everyone. In order of appearance they are:
Johnny B. Truant
Charlie Gilkey
Jodi Kaplan

Anonymous Landscaper
Martin Whitmore
Rolly Brown
Anonymous Bartender
Pace Smith
Rob Plotkin
Megan Elizabeth Morris
Seth Godin
Paul Durban
Joann Scully Poole
Michael Tapp Jr.
Tom Bentley
Two Creative People
Tim Brownson