Digital Marketing That Delivers a Return on Your Investment.

Listen First. Sell Later.

A simple statement—with sensational results.


How can we help you?

Our company helps yours succeed. Whether you’re a large corporation or a sole proprietor, we can provide the insight, marketing, content, and support services that position your company for growth. We provide priceless access to an experienced, dynamic, and reliable business partner offering fresh, exciting, and creative thinking from an objective viewpoint. We focus on helping you increase sales and profitability by providing you with practical, turnkey sales, marketing, and content solutions.

Sales & Marketing Consulting

Our engine is fueled by coaching and creative collaboration that provides honest feedback and an objective third-party vision. We will help you increase your sales and profitability by helping you adjust what you're already doing, change what isn't working, and add what's missing from your sales and marketing programs.

Lead Generation

We will create and manage sales campaigns for you that eliminate the guesswork of cold calls. The goal is to deliver to you qualified buyers who meet your ideal customer/client profile.


Websites, brochures, books, & e-books, point-of-sale materials, trade shows, logos, and greeting cards; are just a few of the design projects we've made for our clients. We can do the same for you!

Social Media Campaigns

Using social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter is cost-effective way of getting your message to the customers you want to target and at price that delivers results for the investment. We'll help you navigate the sometimes complex world of marketing in social media.

Social Media Training

Understanding how and why to use social media to promote your company can be a daunting undertaking. We'll help you understand why you need to be using these platforms, how to use them, and how to measure the results.

Website Creation

A website that works for you is the cornerstone of your digital marketing programs. We design, develop, and integrate your site in conjunction with your SEO and social media campaigns.


We will build your first eCommerce platform or help you boost performance, sales, and revenue on your current platform...all without jargon and high fees. And, have we mentioned how quickly we work? Time is money, after all -- in this case, quite literally.

Original Content Creation

We've created every type of content from brochures to books to plays to movies. Our CEO is a successfully published marketing and sales author; our staff content creator is a bestselling fiction and non-fiction author with dozens of books to his credit. Our design and support staff, meanwhile, are second to none, and can package your content for maximum benefit. And we do all this more quickly than you can imagine, deploying your content so it can benefit you.


We take the mystery out of Search Engine Optimization by helping your website rank highly for the keywords that deliver customers/clients to you.

Meet the team

Bob Poole

President – CEO Former photojournalist and studio photographer, Navy Veteran, professional speaker, software development company founder, and enjoyed flying a Cessna 140 with skis out of snow covered cow pastures in Ohio.

Tim Gary

Kitty Herder, Tech Wizard, craft beer connoisseur, and world traveler. Once destroyed a volleyball with a single spike.

Jana Rade

Graphic designer, dog author, world traveler, linguist, nanny, and former singer in a band.

phil elmore

Author, content creator, voice actor, and reluctant New Yorker. He once wrote a book on swords. Like Robert Heinlein, he’s quite fond of cats.

Catherine Tyger

Super Mom able to balance an infant on one knee, a six year old on the other and a laptop in front of her while solving problems and making clients happy. Dog lover who was once attacked by cat.


Seventeen-year-old Shih Tzu in charge of security, animal treats, and keeping the cats in line.

Get In Touch!

Call, Write, Shoot a Flaming Arrow. Once you get a whiff of our mojo, you’ll want more. Feed the hunger: Shoot me an email at [email protected] or call me at 215-258-3405. Your business deserves the sparks!

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