Follow, Don’t Chase, Your Clients

by Bob Poole on January 28, 2012

follow don't chase

Do you have a Twitter, Facebook LinkedIn, or Foursquare account? If not, consider getting at least one if not all of them, especially if your clients are using social media. Depending on your business, you can get a lot of bonus points with clients and potential clients by simply answering or responding to the questions they raise on Twitter or Facebook. Retweet or share their content, or simply acknowledge or like their news and comments.

If you’re new to Twitter or FaceBook take time to read any of the dozens of articles and stories on “how-to” use social media. Follow your clients, don’t hunt or stalk them. Admire, support and notice them without trying to sell to them unless they approach you with a clear request to buy. If people like who you are on social media then they check to see what you’re selling. Let them discover you, don’t chase them.


“Any band that is out there chasing it is doing more destruction to music then someone who is out there playing what they truly feel.” ~Bret Michaels

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