Blame the White Man

by Bob Poole on April 1, 2013

crime sceneI was reading the online version of the local Philadelphia paper this morning. We have two but in reality it is only one now as they publish the same thing for the most part.

Anyway, on the front page of the News section I noticed a headline that caused me to do a double take. It said:

Mass Murders a White-Male, Not Mental Health Issue

“What is this about?” was my first thought. I’ll let my next few thoughts as I read the article be created by your own imagination. Because this “news” story is not news or even factual. Here’s just the first few paragraphs:

IMAGINE if African-American men and boys were committing mass shootings month after month, year after year. Articles and interviews would flood the media, and we’d have political debates demanding that African-Americans be “held accountable.”

But when the criminals and leaders are white men, race and gender become the elephant in the room.

Nearly all the mass shootings in this country in recent years have been committed by white men and boys.

I’m not going to print the entire piece of deceitful tripe here. You can read it for yourself. It’s written by Charlotte and Harriet Childress, For the Daily News.

But, I will take the time to refute and demolish their ridiculous story that is full of racism and an anti-Second Amendment agenda.

Think about this.

The vast majority of multiple-fatality car accidents are caused by people who attended public schools. Most of the prison inmates are right-handed.


A factoid becomes significant when a group that comprises X percent of the population routinely commits 10X percentage of crime, or a similarly disproportionate percentage of all computer advancement (look at pictures of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates and Steve Wozniak).

Men commit a lot more than half of all violent crimes, although we are only half the population. That says something about men and violence. I accept that.

If they want to look at race and gender, black men are around 6-7% of the population. If we saw that they committed over half of all American murders, that would be worth commenting on, based on the race-based logic of the article.

In fact, they do – most often upon each other. Numerous Department of Justice reports tell the sad story below that encompasses all US murder statistics. There are so many reports on the Internet, I suggest you do your own research if interested. You can start here.

The most common gun violence, by contrast, is drearily predictable and is the source on average of nearly thirteen thousand homicides a year. Such violence occurs overwhelmingly in certain locations of cities—over the past 30 years in Boston, for example, 75 percent of the city’s shootings occurred in 4.5% of its area, whereas 88.5 percent of the city’s street segments experienced not a single shooting. Urban shootings are retaliatory or the product of the most trivial of slights. They are committed by handguns, not assault rifles. Victims and perpetrators usually know each other, absent bullets going astray. Reforming the involuntary commitment laws and beefing up mental health services are largely irrelevant to these shootings, since though the shooters have serious problems with impulse control and are clearly a danger to themselves and others, few would be deemed mentally ill. And both victims and perpetrators are disproportionately minority, by huge margins. New York City is emblematic of the country’s gun violence. According to victims and witnesses, blacks commit 80% of all shootings in New York, though they are 23% of the city’s residents. Add Hispanics and you account for 98% of all shootings. Whites commit a little over 1% of shootings, though they are 35% of the city’s population. These disproportions pertain across the country.

The total number of murders in the USA is a statistically significant group, on the order of 13,000 per year. When your subject group is tiny, like “people who commit large numbers of murders in a very short time”, statistics are meaningless, between 0 and 5 per year. Sylvia Seegrist shot up a mall, she was a white woman. John Allen Muhammad shot 13 people in the DC Beltway area; he was a black guy, with a black conspirator. The Columbine shooters were white teens, a white girl bought them a gun. The Aurora and Sandy Hook shooters were 20-something white guys, one of them took the guns from his white mother. So what? There aren’t enough of these shooters to be statistically significant.

Most of us are familiar with the stories of most of the group shootings, we know about the Texas Tower shooting by Charles Whitman in 1966, we remember Sylvia Seegrist from 1985, we obsess over the murders by Charles Manson’s groupies in 1969, we know about the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre in 1929, 84 years ago. There are so few group murders that we remember them. The ordinary day-to-day muggings and rapes and kidnappings and home invasions that actually impact society, we have to dig to get even rough numbers.

Small groups skew everything and prove nothing.

That’s a fact that has come in very handy in my business and sales career. If I had listened to all the small number “facts” I have been told over the years, I never would have gone into business in the first place.

I urge you to take the time to see articles like this one for just what they are and use them to line the bottom of the bird cage.

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