26 Hours a Day

What would you do if tomorrow you found out there will be 26 hours in your day from now on? Everyone else will still have 24. You just got two extra hours a day.

  1. Would you start that exercise program you keep putting off?
  2. Maybe you'd start volunteering at the food bank you heard is hurting for donations.
  3. You could decide to give the two hours to your family.
  4. I would write more letters to friends and clients.
  5. You could join Toastmasters and practice public speaking.
  6. Then there are all those books you've never read.
  7. I still want to take piano lessons.
  8. You could do something to earn money those two hours and pay off all your debt.
  9. Your kid's school is always looking for parents to help out.
  10. You could start that blog, write an e-Book, or write a novel.

You already have the two hours. You have all the time necessary to do all of these things. You need to decide to:

  1. Get up earlier.
  2. Go to bed later.
  3. Forget about TV.
  4. Give up cocktail hour.
  5. Quit wandering aimlessly through the Internet. (That alone will take care of 2 hours for many people.)
  6. Quit using the half-dozen excuses you use not to do your list.

Or, you can keep telling yourself you don't have the time to do any of those things you say you want to do.

It's always comes down to you and the things you choose are most important.

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