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When it comes to voice mail you really only have a three-day work week — Tuesday through Thursday. Mondays are the busiest days of the week so only the highest priority, most important calls get returned. Are you such a great salesman that you’re on that list? Messages left on a Friday are the least likely to be returned. Not only is there the weekend factor, come Monday your call must not only compete with the high priority business of the day. It’s also three days later, and most likely to be the oldest voice mail on the list. So whatever you needed to know, wanted to ask or say is “old news.” The point? Never leave a voice mail on Monday or after noon on a Friday. If you want to ensure your call is returned do these five things:

  1. Make your calls in the morning so a voice mail is most likely to be answered after or during lunch. Many people are away from their desks at lunch, so route your calls to your cell phone in case someone returns your call at noon hoping to get YOUR voice mail and dodge a conversation.
  2. Give your full name, company and telephone number with area code first. “This is John Doe at ABC Widgets, 555-888-9999.” Most people will not listen to a message twice just to get the phone number. They’re more likely to return a call if you give them your number.
  3. Keep your message short, sweet and to the point. Don’t use more than 30-45 words. The point is to get them to return your call, not get all they need from the message. If you have to write it down first, do that. No one listens to long rambling emails. THIS is exactly the kind of voice mail NOT to leave!
  4. Tell them why you’re calling in a way that makes it urgent they return the call. Let them know exactly what you need and don’t ramble. “I need to double-check the serial number of that part we’re ordering,” or “I’m placing your order and need to confirm the exact delivery address.”  If this is to schedule a presentation, “I have a solution to the down-time delays you were experiencing and I need to schedule a time to talk with you about it.”
  5. If the customer has called you with a question, or needs an answer and you can do that in 35 words or less, then leave it. If it takes more than that, ask them to call you back because you have the answer, or tell them you’ll detail it in an email.

Voice mail can be your friend if you use it wisely!


“Roses are red, some willows weep, please leave your message, after the beep.” ~ Anonymous

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