A Business Plan With Heart

The fantastic growth of farmers' markets and Community Supported Agriculture has been instrumental in connecting people with the earth and changing the way we eat. But, I think more importantly it has allowed the consumer to develop relationships with the farmers and other people who participate in these programs.

There's that word again – relationships.

I believe the same thing needs to happen to business. Corporations have grown so huge over the years that the people who lead them have become isolated from their customers. They may be wonderful people whom we would enjoy having a relationship with but that will never happen for a number of reasons.

Not the least is that their income levels and corporate demands will always keep them segregated. They only work and play with people of the same economic status. There is no opportunity to establish relationships with their customers because they have become existential beings who have given up much in terms of freedom, time, and family in order to meet the corporate demands. The hole that forms in an individual due to the loss of these things can then only be filled by the quest for more money and power as that is too often all that is left. It is a cycle that is not sustainable by human beings nor our society.

I think small businesses and their owners are in the process right now of changing that. Change will be a very long time in coming as there will always be those who are willing to follow power and money without regard to their own soul, creativity and need for genuine human relationships. But, I get emails and comments every week from people who are creating and following a different business plan – one with a heart. And, if you take time to search out you can find people who believe that balance in their lives and their relationships is the only way to live. Small business is our future.

This type of business is here today. Their owners, managers and entrepreneurs walk among us.

If you'd like to talk to one of them or work for a company like I'm describing you only need to look. They won't be on Wall St. or Madison Ave. You'll find them working in basements, garages and small incubators. They are also coaching little league and soccer on weekends and volunteering at their community food bank.

They are the real heroes and role models of our time. And, their ready for you to join them. You won't have to pay an initiation fee or worry if you'll fit in. They are ready for you if you're ready for them.

2 thoughts on “A Business Plan With Heart”

  1. You hit the nail on the head with this one Bob! Having been a small business owner and now landlord to 4 small businesses I agree with your comments about the heart of the matter being balance and relationships.
    The bigger a group gets, the larger the distance becomes between individuals and their ability to keep their balance and invest in healthy relationships, even though it looks like it is more crowded.
    You reminded me of the saying “it’s lonely at the top” which reminded me of my neice’s remark: in her counseling business she serves the wealthy business population and they have just as many problems as anyone else. Sometimes prestige and money can buy more than you bargained for…like the unsustainable hole left inside that you describe above.

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