A Database of Life

Unless you’ve managed to either lead a perfect life or you’re delusional, there are
probably things in your life you wish you could do over. If there is one piece
of advice I could offer anyone in business it’s this:

compiling a database of every person you meet! With today’s cheap computer
power and contact management software, there isn’t any reason not to maintain a
database of every person you meet whether it is for business or social reasons.

In fact, I don’t consider them separate. I call it “My Life Database.”

My first
database was a bunch of business cards in a rubber band. Then I graduated to
3×5 cards and then some more sophisticated card systems. But, over the years
many names got lost or didn’t get put into the new system. I kick myself when I
go looking for a long lost name only to find it has been lost.

database is really one of the most priceless assets you have in your business. It
represents relationships and potential relationships. And, those represent
people who will do business with you or will refer business to you.

But, you
need to stay in touch with them. Make sure your database has more than just
name, address and phone number. Know their spouses and kids names. Send them
birthday cards. Find out their passions and interests and drop them information
you know will be of interest to them.

relationships must be maintained just like a personal relationship.

forget about the person after the dating period is over and you think the
relationship is solid. A good database will help you do that for the rest of
your life.

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