A Dream

I have this dream that repeats itself at least once a week. I’m living in a world where companies value their customers so much they have well paid employees who answer their phones. And, upon the rare occasion when a customer finds all lines busy they get to leave a message without having to go through phone tree hell. And, someone always gets back to them right away with an answer to their message.

In this same dream, companies who sell products and software never outsource their support to organizations that haven’t a clue about what they are supporting and instead provide answers based on a few words, maybe a decision support engine, or too often, an uneducated guess.

And, best of all, in my dream people who make the kinds of decisions to remove the human touch from service and support  because they believe they will save money are banished to back offices to crunch numbers and are never again allowed to influence or make a business decision.

It really is a wonderful world in my dream.

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