A Revolution of Ideas

Are you interested in changing the world? You can. You probably won't be able to do it by yourself. It always takes a tribe of people to make changes. But, you can lead them.

You start by making a commitment to yourself. Then you challenge the status quo. If you aren't really upsetting someone with your movement you're not really changing anything. And, people who accept the status quo will never change anything. So, they can't be in your tribe.

That's right. You need a tribe. You have to connect with like minded people. Revolutionaries. But, not the kind that use guns, bombs and violence. Once you have your tribe you create a revolution of ideas. And, as the spark of ideas takes hold within the like-minded tribe your movement will begin. And, change will take place.

The change will be permanent because your story has spread. Your tribe has lit a fire that cannot be doused – only directed.

Think you can't change the world? You can't.

But, people who think they can – do change it.

People like Pace and Kyeli Smith. You might want to join their Freak Revolution. A freak is someone who isn't satisfied with the status quo and is willing to change it. The rules of their tribe are simple: " Be excellent to each other. That's the only rule.

Here's their plan. Take a look and then think about joining. But, only if you're ready to be challenged.

By your own ideas.

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