A Slogan Is Easier Than Making a Change

Do you think the folks who run the airlines or Verizon or Comcast go to sleep every night thinking, "Another successful day. We've managed to make thousands of our customers miserable and unhappy?"

I doubt it. But, despite the fact that isn't their goal – they manage to do just that day after day. Is it impossible for them to correct the problems that make customer's hate them? Maybe. Maybe they are so big and their organizational structure is such that they cannot find their way out of the maze.

Don't make the same mistake. Start with your front-line employees who interact daily with your clients and reward them for making people happy – for thrilling them with the outcome of their time together. Budget plenty of money and time to train them so they understand how to deliver extraordinary service. Put the processes and technological systems in place so they can "do the right thing." Finally, remove the term "do things right" from their corporate vocabulary.

A while back I stated that "what gets rewarded gets done." You have to reward them for doing the right thing. And, how do you know if they are doing the right thing? You measure. You determine the metrics that are important to your particular organization and you measure.

Providing extraordinary customer is difficult to implement and requires work. If the CEO is not totally committed to making it happen – it won't.

Commit, reward, measure – day after day.

And, forget the cutesy customer service slogan.

I wonder why those big companies can't do the same thing?

I guess the slogan is a lot easier to implement.

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