I’ve been around for a while, so my biographical material can fill a few pages (and that’s just the stuff I’ll admit). My clients call me The Sales and Marketing Guru®. But before we get into some of my history, and why you stand to gain something good by knowing who you’re dealing with, I’d like to summarize what I think is my real “About”: my purpose in life. To wit:

  • To help other people be successful in business.
  • To leave the world a better place.
  • To bring out the best in people.
  • To connect people and show them it is okay to be different.
  • To connect with people to show them how to be the best they can in life.
  • To live it to its fullest while teaching other people how to find the joy in their own lives.

Now all that might sound like some hoo-haw to ensnare you in my sincerity, but it’s not. It’s really who I am, and why I want to work with people—let’s get business done, meaningfully.

The Engine of Ideas

From being a Top Ten sales representative at 3M, to creating and managing a consulting company and a software development company that led to the creation of a successful multi-million dollar e-business, to personally selling multi-million dollar services and products, I’ve spent a lot of time swimming in the swift sales stream—and I’ve seen a lot of processes and behaviors that go cross-ways against the current. I’m not speaking simply about employing sales techniques and trendy theories that end up losing money (though that’s one serious consequence); I’m referring to corporations and individuals that have stepped off the path with heart. Too many businesses employ a consultant, second-guess him and themselves to death, and part ways with a sour taste in their mouths.

Honest Feedback and Vision

My engine is fueled by coaching that provides honest feedback and an objective third-party vision. Don’t engage me if you need someone who works by the hour to accomplish a task for you. Engage me if you want advice, ideas, methods and systems—I am a specialized brain, one that can supply laser focus to hitches in your business processes and big-picture remedies to loosen them. Creative collaboration is key: together we can coax and recognize opportunities, develop systems to ensure their productive repetition, and see how organic relationships between leaders, employees and sound business practices make for a revitalized whole. This ain’t shadow-boxing with theories—it’s real-world work. I’ve worked in the trenches door-to-door as well as piloted high-flying Wall Street sorties, but small dollars or big, I know it all comes down to relationships. I love nothing more to connect with people, get in their heads and hearts, and work together to jump forward. Apply energy, talent and technique—doors open, ideas coalesce, and success is your heady rush.


  • I believe in getting out, meeting and forming relationships with your prospects and customers. Of course, many business elaborations and processes can be conducted virtually, but face-to-face contact is essential, particularly at the onset of a relationship.
  • Consulting has always had a bad rap because there are a lot of bad consultants. To sidestep that morass, I created something I called a directional marketing strategy and sell it as a product. You pay a flat fee for me to analyze your company, create a situational analysis, set objectives for sales and marketing with the owner and management, and then create a cookbook of methodologies that once implemented will allow you to meet your objectives.
  • I give you three choices of projects—which have 3 different fees—and you pick which one you want to do. It’s simple and clear.
  • I help to create relationships between companies who could help each other. Symbiosis is strength-building on every side.

A Few Background Factoids

  • I’m a husband and father with two adult children and seven grandchildren.
  • I was a photojournalist and professional photographer during the late 60s and early 70s, winning photography achievement awards from Eastman Kodak and my peers in Professional Photographers of America.
  • I served four years in the US Navy during the Vietnam War and have traveled to over 40 countries and six continents.
  • I have actively participated in million-dollar engagements in Enterprise Financial Services, Management Consulting, Customer Behavior and Profitability, Security Planning & Assessment, Systems Integration, Public Key Infrastructure, Client Relationship Management and E-Business Solutions.
  • I have conducted over 150 sales, marketing and technology seminars and workshops for a wide variety of companies, associations and individuals in the United States, Europe, Canada, Australia, and Asia.
  • I am one of the original founders of the International Center for Professional Speaking in Tempe, AZ – a part of the National Speakers Association.
  • My company motto is “We Help Organizations Improve Their Sales Performance and Effectiveness.” And we do it without selling souls.
  • These long lists of achievements and facts aren’t here to carve notches in six-guns—they’re here to tell you that I’m a human being, a member of that rich canvas of humanity, and that I bring my deep and varied background to every engagement. And that it makes a positive difference.

Shake Hands

Shoot me an email at [email protected] or call me at 215-258-3405 or 877-945-3837, and let’s get started making your business a thriving expression of your creative strengths.

What Others Are Saying About Bob Poole and Listen First – Sell Later!

“I have known Bob Poole for nine years and have come to call him “My Sales and Marketing Guru”® for all things large or small. Bob’s management and entrepreneurial experience have benefited my company immensely over the years. His creativity is unsurpassed in resolving problems, and his ability to identify key issues makes him an important ally in launching new initiatives. Bob doesn’t treat you like another cog. He takes great interest in your success, and invests his time and energy in that pursuit. Bob’s genius is his depth of knowledge, his creative forces and his willingness to just listen with a non-judgmental ear. I have recommended many friends and colleagues to Bob, and as I make new one’s, I will do the same. If you are looking to take your success to the next level, there is no better man than Bob Poole to have in your corner.”

Robert Plotkin LSW, MBA
President,Social Work prn of Philadelphia
Fort Washington, PA


“Bob Poole and The Poole Consulting Group have worked extensively with me and my company to enhance our competitive market position and ensure our continued growth and prosperity into the future. In our working with Mr. Poole he demonstrated an understanding of the marketplace and an ability to navigate its many avenues that far exceeded our already high expectations. It is without reservation that I endorse Bob Poole and The Poole Consulting Group. Their work and their ethics are beyond reproach, and working with them has been my absolute pleasure. I would be happy to discuss our experience with them or answer any questions about the scope of their work for us.”

Katherine Redding
VP & General Manager, Happy Tree Ltd.
Green Lane, PA

“Bob Poole is the best at what he does!!  He is a ‘Solutions Phenom’ for marketing!!!  Bob provides the entire package to handle the marketing needs of businesses from conception to execution and all facets in between!! He is The Sales and Marketing Guru®.

David Taylor
President, By Appointment Only Realty, Prism Commercial Group
Palm Coast, FL

“Poole Consulting Group has been very effective in helping my company establish our market position within my industry. Poole Consulting was instrumental from the very beginning of our campaign, easy to contact, accessible, responsive, and very helpful with all aspects of our strategy. I would recommend Poole Consulting to anyone interested in growing their business, and needing assistance in reaching that goal.”


Hill Orloff
Designers Resource Newsletter
Huntingdon Valley, PA

“Bob Poole handled our time-sensitive issues professionally and creatively, found new avenues for our services, and was incredibly responsive 24/7. He is strategically insightful, value-driven and passionately service oriented. I can endorse Bob’s work, his integrity and commitment without reservation, and would recommend him to anyone seeking a trusted marketing advisor who goes beyond business as usual.”


Jill Chernekoff
President, Chernekoff Communications
Bala Cynwyd, PA

“Having for years bragged that I am unaffected by (code for superior) marketing strategies, Listen First – Sell Later gives me the courage to admit that I might be after all, ‘the marketing type.’”


Nancy Donnelly
Head of School, United Friends School
Quakertown, PA

“This is not just a book about sales or marketing. It’s a book about life and how to live it well. Read it. Be informed. Be inspired.”


Pace Smith
Co-Author of “The Usual Error: Why We Don’t Understand Each Other and 34 Ways to Make It Better”

“It must be challenging to write a book on marketing that is not stuffy and boring. Bob was up to the challenge, for sure! Through his unique writing style, Bob was able to convey some important and helpful concepts while creating what turned out to be a very pleasant read. There are a lot of cutting edge, unique marketing ideas provided in this text; most of which I need to employ in my own business dealings. I’d strongly recommend this book to anyone who wants to try something new to increase sales, or is simply trying to build new relationships in their life. Well done, Bob!”


Charlie Pasquine
President, MetroScript, Inc.

“The title of this book grabbed me. It immediately reminds us of one of the keys lessons in marketing and life. We are so busy living in web 2.0 land and “Twitterville” these days that we have neglected the art of listening. This great easy to read book is jam packed full of bite sized lessons in marketing and communication. Bob Poole draws on years of experience as both an intrapreneur and entrepreneur, sharing lessons along the way to enable us to enhance the quality of our interactions.”


Bernadette Jiwa
Perth, Australia

“What a great book! It was a great reminder of the importance of listening. We are all in such a hurry to sell without understanding the true needs of our customers. This book was easy reading and I breezed right though it. Can’t wait for the next one!”


Shupei Chiao
Phoenix, Arizona

“This is a great book for anyone. It is filled with common sense and easy to implement ideas to make your business and your life more successful. Besides buying a copy for yourself, keep a spare around to give the next pushy salesperson that walks through your door.”


S. Ferrell
Western PA

“This is pure genius. Well not exactly, it’s actually quite simple but the concept is fantastic, and just makes sense. Thank you for your infinite wisdom. I read your blog religiously every day and love the insights you share.”


Melissa Smith
Marketing Manager, MouseMatters.com PTY LTD
PO Box 1562, Mooloolaba QLD 4557
[email protected] | www.mousematters.com

“Bob Poole has vast sales experience that he shares with his readers. Unlike the stereotypical sales person, he follows an ethical approach that promotes long term relationships instead of the quick sale. His success demonstrates that nice guys can finish first. This book is short and very easy to read however almost every page provides an application or hint that you will want to spend time thinking over. He provides references through out the book that he conveniently repeats at the end.”


William E. Wagner III Ph.D.
Professor of Electronics, DeVry University
Fort Washington, PA
Philly.Devry.Edu | [email protected]