Who We Are

We’re a highly experienced team of marketers, sales professionals, designers, technologists, writers, and media pros who work together (but independently) to bring our clients extraordinary results, more quickly than you can imagine, and at an investment that is far outweighed by the value.

Why choose us?

It’s all about our Mojo!

When you think “Mojo,” you might be expecting some wild-haired guy with a feathered headdress waving chicken bones, but that’s not the case. What we have here are the ways and means by which our working together can bring clarity, energy and renewed purpose to your organization. That normally falls under the Services banner, but “services” just doesn’t cut it— what we bring to an organization is more like sparks, and sparks that can make your business flame burn bright and true.

Our “Mojo” applies to every facet of what we do, from design and web development, to social media training and campaign management, to lead generation and e-commerce. It also encompasses original content creation, SEO, and of course, all aspects of sales and marketing for these services.

We will consult with you, assist you, design solutions for you, and — if it’s what you want — we’ll implement our proven programs. We cover all possible ground, from where you’re starting to where you want to go. Value-driven, creative thinking infuses every part of our business… and if we’ve covered all the ground you can think of, we’ll then go underground to achieve your goals if that’s what it takes. Heck, we’ll defy gravity, if that’s what you need. At the very least, we’ll take a shot at it.

In our consulting and business solutions, our goals are threefold:

  • We’ll help your personnel make the changes they need to make, spur the innovations they need to develop, and acquire the skills they need to be successful… all while making their work more fun. Happy employees and business partners are more productive.

  • We help our clients grow and become more profitable and productive. Our systems and methods produce consistent and accountable results.

  • We build programs that focus on creating high value for our clients and for THEIR clients. Everybody wins, and everybody does better.

Our solutions are never boilerplate. They are never a formula. It’s a living (and lively) process and we jump in—listening. We’d be happy to share with you case studies of our specific successes with this flavor of mojo. Give us a try today. 

Our Mission

  • To help other people be successful in business.
  • To leave the world a better place.
  • To bring out the best in people.
  • To connect people.

Now all that might sound like some hoo-haw to ensnare you in our sincerity, but it’s not. It’s really who we are, and why we want to work with people—let’s get business done, meaningfully.

What We Do

We help our clients by providing advice, systems, ideas, objective observations, methods, and connections to others along with many years of experience of extraordinary marketing and sales success.

What Your Organization Stands to Get


  • Substantial increase in sales and profitability
  • Rapid acceleration in sales cycles and dramatic reduction in cost of sales
  • Rapid increase in market visibility for company and products
  • Significant increase in new sales channels and strategic marketing alliances
  • Leads that shorten the sales cycle and increase employee productivity.


  • Spectacular boost in employee morale with unrivaled team performance and production
  • Dramatic reduction in employee turnover
  • Exponential improvement in customer service and value-focused employees


  • Successful launches of new products and services
  • Implementation of brilliant strategies and tactics to create and capitalize on opportunities
  • Powerful use of e-tools to accelerate sales and elevate level of profitability


  • Priceless access to an experienced, dynamic, and reliable marketing partner providing fresh, exciting and creative thinking from an objective viewpoint.
  • Mutual understanding and agreement on company’s product mix and services value proposition
  • Attraction of an exceptional quality—and higher-profile—client

What Individuals in Your Organization Stand to Get


  • Remarkable increase in self-confidence and respect from peers and management
  • Crystal-clear definition and effective communication of personal mission
  • Elimination of old paradigms—unleashing of the capitalization of your strengths


  • Enhanced skill sets for a fast track to higher earnings and earnings potential
  • Extraordinary improvement in listening skills
  • Persuasive negotiation skills for exceptional outcomes


  • Spectacular growth in sales referrals, database and sales cycles
  • Significant improvement in interdepartmental communication and results collaboration
  • Impressive working relationship, resulting in an understanding of personal goals and delivery of results much faster than competitors.
  • Tremendous improvement in opportunities for vibrant leadership roles and promotions
  • Vibrant productive relationships with clients and customers 

Would you like to start a project with us?

Meet the team

Bob Poole

President – CEO Former photojournalist and studio photographer, Navy Veteran, professional speaker, software development company founder, and enjoyed flying a Cessna 140 with skis out of snow covered cow pastures in Ohio.

Tim Gary

Kitty Herder, Tech Wizard, craft beer connoisseur, and world traveler. Once destroyed a volleyball with a single spike.

Jana Rade

Graphic designer, dog author, world traveler, linguist, nanny, and former singer in a band.

phil elmore

Author, content creator, voice actor, and reluctant New Yorker. He once wrote a book on swords. Like Robert Heinlein, he’s quite fond of cats.

Catherine Tyger

Super Mom able to balance an infant on one knee, a six year old on the other and a laptop in front of her while solving problems and making clients happy. Dog lover who was once attacked by cat.


Seventeen-year-old Shih Tzu in charge of security, animal treats, and keeping the cats in line.

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