Accidental Sales Careers

Chances are there are aspects of sales that you do that you do better than other aspects. When I first started out as a photographer I was noticed for my marketing abilities. I thought my strength was my photography, but after putting together an advertising package for a local bank it seems that people thought my marketing skills were equal to, or even outweighed my photography skills! What a surprise! It turned out to be a blessing and the opening of a door into an additional career in marketing I hadn’t expected. If I’d really wanted to be just a photographer, that might have been an issue—people wanting to hire me for my marketing skills more than they wanted my photography skills. But I went with it and am glad I did. That decision led to professional speaking engagements, writing, and my books.

You may find out during the course of your career that you’re better at negotiation than sales, or better at contracts or marketing, or customer service, or logistics than you are at sales, even if you love sales and do well there. If the opportunity to be something else in addition to being a salesperson comes along, don’t ignore it. At its heart, all business is about sales. So, figure out a way to incorporate your assorted strength(s) into what you do in a way that enhances or opens your sales reach in other areas. Not only will you get more referrals, you may discover a career in which sales plays an even more rewarding part of your life. If, for instance, your copy writing ability exceeds your ability to sell widgets, then sell your copywriting. If you sell cars, but discover you have a greater knack (and love) for explaining and processing numbers and contracts, then consider selling real estate or insurance or something where people value a salesperson who can explain complex issues to them. Always be open to possibilities in what you’re selling and why.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” ~ Peter Drucker

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