Act As Though They Said “Yes,”

I know some salespeople have a mantra of “Always be closing.” I don’t, by the way, and I think you’re making a huge mistake if you believe that’s how to sell. Think about this. What might happen if you change your mindset to “Always be helping”?

Always be helping is another way of working on behalf of the client to come up with solutions, to offer insight and suggestions, to act as though they signed the contract and you’re already working together on their project or problem. I’m sure you’ve lost a sale to someone who (1) got there before you (2) was able to define the problem succinctly and (3) to offer a solution or help the prospect design a solution that worked.

Sales people who sell well, and that can do that, are the ones who see their collaboration with the prospect as a given. I don’t mean treating the prospect casually, assuming you have access you don’t have, or being informal or unprofessionally. I mean acting as though you were awarded the contract and had more questions about what challenges they face. Instead of focusing on selling them your product, focus on finding them a solution. Now and for the future.

“The warrior’s approach is to say ‘Yes’ to life; indeed ‘Yea’ to it all.” ~ Joseph Campbell

image compliments of mark falardeau

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