Angel Ribo – The CEO Confidant

The Watercooler Hangout Podcast
Season 03 Episode #17
With Angel Ribo

“The CEO is someone who is wired differently – it’s someone who takes action and is looking to convert risk to something that is valuable to the company.”  – Angel Ribo 

Welcome to the Watercooler Hangout podcast, where I chat with influential and successful sales and marketing gurus as we share real-life stories about sales, marketing, leadership, creativity, and current events. Listen in and learn the best advice on how to move your business to the next level!

The “CEO Confidant”

Angel Ribo, known as the CEO Confidant, has empowered more than 1500 CEOs in 33 different countries. Born near Barcelona, he has lived in eight countries around the world and speaks five languages. Currently based in Texas, he runs an international business, Wisdom for Kids, which helps underprivileged kids in Latin America become entrepreneurs using their local resources.

Growing Up 

“My mom and dad early on encouraged me to learn French and English in school.” By the time he graduated high school, he was able to speak English and French fluently. During his time in college, he involved himself in international internships. “Every summer, I would have an internship in a different country,” Angel recommends that all college students apply and participate in an international internship for the growth experience. After graduating, Angel decided to move to the UK, then Mexico, and eventually to the US. 

From Working Internationally to Training CEOs 

An opening for International Relations at the director’s office of his university he attended led Angel to land this position. He worked with the director to develop the university network and relationships. This led him to start his journey traveling through Europe and the Americas and started him on the relationship business.

In the ’90s, Angel worked for a software company in London. “This company has a precise strategy of how to conduct business.” In this position, his goal was to get through the gatekeepers as an inside sales guy. His experience led him to develop trust with CEOs as they saw value in what he had to offer them in their business and what he gave to them personally.

Listen in as we talk about the difference between an entrepreneur and CEO, why it’s good to have another professional look at your company, and why Angel wishes he would have asked for help with his business sooner than he did. Learn why what works in corporate America doesn’t translate into a small business, why you need to change your mental game when you grow your business, and why you need to learn to let go of control for your company to grow.

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