Another Dumb Idea

There is a trend where business coaches and time management gurus are telling their clients to only read and respond to email twice a day. They recommend the same type of action in returning phone calls and other communications. The idea is to both create scarcity and control time so that you can accomplish more.

It is a dumb idea.

Responding to client and prospect email is customer service. So is promptly returning phone calls, answering letters and anything that has to do with requests and communication. You need to deliver infinite customer service. That is how you retain clients and grow your business.

Why would you want to make it scarce?

2 thoughts on “Another Dumb Idea”

  1. FINALLY!! I have NEVER understood how this idea has become productivity gospel and I also don’t understand how anyone but some CEO who has an assistant (who you can betcha answers HIS calls and emails immediately) can function this way. My job would be so much harder and more complicated if everything I came across that needs input from someone else had to be set aside until my email “window” opened to deal with it. How is dashing off a quick question IN AN EMAIL any different than setting the piece of paper aside and making some kind of note so I can remember what I need to ask them later? If it’s done, sent and in my inbox waiting for a reply, then it is out of my mind now – and isn’t that what the GTD (Getting Things Done) gurus want me to do anyway?

  2. A lot of things become gospel and speakers and consultants repeat it over and over. Few people ever question where they got that information. Sounds like you’re doing just fine!

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