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This Sunday’s Edition of The Daily Doughnut comes to us from reader Nancy Butler who has some great sales tips for those of you who may or may not have had previous sales experience. Plus, she has an amazing personal story of her small business journey to share with all of us. First, her sales tips.

Sales ideas and tips for someone who may or may not have any previous sales experience

  1. A successful salesperson really cares about solving a problem for their customers. It is not about selling them something. It’s about caring about the customer and uncovering the problem that your product or service can solve.
  2. They are also prepared to offer more than one way to solve the customer’s problem. Then it is not yes or no to your product or service but instead, which do you prefer. They are also good at follow up with every potential customer they have come into contact with. And, are good at organization of their time and their work.
  3. To really enjoy and do well in a selling position be sure you like and agree with the product or service you will be selling? If you believe in what you are selling and see the good it does for others, it can be a great feeling and makes the work more enjoyable.
  4. To be able to do a great job for the client I needed to learn all the facts and features about the products and services I was offering while at the same time learning how to run a business. This was a daunting task. When with the prospective client, I found myself talking constantly. I was afraid if I stopped talking they might ask me a question that I wouldn’t have the answer to. I finally realized that it was ok to not have all the answers on the spot. And that having the right questions for the client and then truly listening to what they had to say was extremely important for me to be able to do the best job both for the client and therefore also for the business. I realized that as long as I had a good knowledge of the basics of the products and services I was offering and had access to the answers to their questions within a reasonable period of time, that was fine.

So remember two things:

  • Be quiet and listen to the client.
  • You don’t have to have all the answers on the spot.

Now here is Nancy’s personal story.

Nancy Butler

At age 31 while in the process of a divorce I took my 2 daughters and with no child support, alimony or other source of income, moved 70 miles away and started my own business.

At the new location I was offered a salaried position at a higher pay then I had ever had before but realized they were hiring me at “the top of the ladder” leaving me no place to grow. I did not want a job. I needed a career. Having two daughters, I felt it important that they “see what a woman can do”. And, I felt having my own business would give me the flexibility I needed with my time to be at home when I needed to be. So, with no other source of income, I opted for my own business.

I knew nothing about saving, investing or financial planning and had never owned a CD, mutual fund or anything other than a savings account. I told myself that even if the business didn’t work out, the knowledge and experience I would gain would be worth it since what I would learn about managing money would help me to raise my children.

I learned early on that getting in front of one client at a time would not build the business fast enough. It was imperative that I get in front of a lot of people quickly, but had little money to spend on marketing. I needed to “think outside the box” and find low cost ways to get the public to know who I am and what I can do for them. I got very good at marketing and media relations, enabling me to build the business quickly.

I built the business from scratch to one of the top asset management and financial planning practices in the country with the company. I also became one of the few Certified Divorce Financial Analysts in the State, and have testified in court as an expert witness for divorce.

With approx. $200 million in assets under management and 1,200 clients, in 2007 I sold my practice. I am now a consultant to small business owners in different parts of the country. I am also a national speaker helping business owners do a better job for their clients and improve their bottom line and helping individuals live a successful life and realize their dreams. I remain one of the few Certified Divorce Financial Analysts in the State. And I currently teach continuing education classes to financial advisors and insurance professionals to enable them to renew their licenses and continue to run an ethical business. I am in the process of writing my first book which will be available early 2012.

I have been quoted in many local and national publications including USA Today and The Day and have been a guest on several live TV and radio call in shows. And, have been a speaker for major corporations such as Pfizer, General Dynamics, Ameriprise Financial and Dow Chemical.

For more information, please view Nancy’s web site by clicking Above All Else.

“The most basic of all human needs is the need to understand and be understood. The best way to understand people is to listen to them.”
— Ralph Nichols

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