Are Millions of People Unable To Read Your Website?

By now you’ve heard of Firefox the web browser from Mozilla. Browser statistics from an independent site show Firefox with around 40 percent of the browser world. Six months ago they had over 125 MILLION users and they just released version 3.0 which is awesome – if you can say that about a web browser. Eight million people downloaded the new version in one day last week.

Why am I telling you this? Wouldn’t you think that a company the size of Sears would know about Firefox? Wouldn’t you think that if you were Sears and you didn’t want to lose 40 percent of the browser base that you would make sure your website works with Firefox? That’s 125 million people who when they go to buy parts from your site will find something that looks like a big mistake.

It is a big mistake on the part of Sears. You see they only checked out their parts site on Internet Explorer. It works fine there. But, they just turned off 40 percent of the world by not taking a few minutes to make sure it works with all browsers.

How about your company. Have you downloaded Firefox to make sure all your web pages work there? If not, you’re making a big mistake and losing money. It is easy to get your site working fine with both browsers. Someone in charge just isn’t doing their job. And, you’re probably using an amateur site designer.

Check your site now. Here’s the link to Mozilla. Download Firefox and check your web pages – especially any that are interactive.

And, when you’re done checking your site, check out Sears Direct Parts using Firefox.

Update on July 11th. Someone at Sears Direct Parts got the message and fixed their web site. It now works with Mozilla. You would have thought they might have said thanks!

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