Are You In The Movies

I've had two Aha experiences in my life that are visual in nature. Well, three if you count the first time I saw Playboy magazine. The other two occurred:

  • when I was around 14 years old and developed my first photographic print.
  • in 1970 when I saw the results from one of the first Sony video cassette cameras

Seeing that first photo come to life in the developer changed my life and sent me off on a career in photography and journalism.

The video from that first camera changed just not me but the world.

It was now possible for someone to make and see movies immediately. You didn't have to have film that needed developed and you could carry the equipment with you. Sure it was clunky and heavy. It would take another 5 years or so before a consumer model was made. Now you can buy a camera for a hundred dollars that will fit in your hand. You can shoot a video, edit it, upload it to a site like YouTube and have a potential audience of millions of people worldwide. And, you can do all that in less time than it takes many people to wake up in the morning.

Over the last 30 years, I always make sure two things occur in my marketing efforts. Whatever the marketing it has to educate and entertain. Both of these have to occur or I know the campaign isn't going to work.

Video let's you do both with greater impact. Images evoke emotion in all of us. Movies make us laugh and cry. They can scare us, teach us and inspire us. And, they can do it in 90 minutes or 90 seconds.

Video used to be cost-prohibitive for most small businesses. Not any more. It is now a cost-effective way to communicate your message that is better than most mediums available today.

Here's what my friend Paul Durban of BlazonFire has to say about the use of video.

"It seems that with every technological advance our attention spans are getting shorter. This may be the Information Age, but we want our information NOW. People no longer want to spend precious time combing through a website for information. If they can't find the answer to the "What's in it for me?" question within seconds, POOF!!!! They are gone.

Video helps to bridge that short, but oh so deep gap. It allows businesses to put their best foot forward quickly and succinctly while engaging the viewer. We're reaching the point where video is almost expected on many sites. It has become today's version of the elevator pitch."

You can use video on your website, blog, mobile devices, and any where that will display digital media. You can make CD's, DVD's, mail out inexpensive thumb drives or make a presentation using a digital projector.

Are you using video now? Do you plan on using it? If not – why not???

2 thoughts on “Are You In The Movies”

  1. Yes, I am in the movies. Sort of. Someone with my name is a filmmaker (a pro).
    No, I don’t have any videos at the moment. It’s on the to do list…
    Love your new photo, by the way.

  2. @Jodi – There is a Bob Poole who is a very well known cinematographer. He does work for PBS, National Geographic, Discovery and more. I’ve never met him but I’d enjoy that one day. I’ve got to check out Jodi Kaplan now. And, I’m glad you like the photo. The just the beginning of the changes around here. (cue the mystery music)

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