Are You One of the The Walking Dead?

There are two things that I do every day that I would prescribe to any small business owner or salesperson.

Get out of the office for at least one hour every day. Take a walk, go to lunch, go to the gym, run some errands or just go sit under a tree and close your eyes. But, you need to get away. Being the Chief Trouble Shooter (CTS) means that you’re the person who is often putting out fires and managing problems. It will plain run you down and tire you out! And, what good does that do for anyone?

I once knew a CEO who had a small office not bigger than a closet with an unmarked and locked door. He would escape there to read, recharge and think without any phones or computers. I think half the company assumed it was a storage closet.

Secondly, spend time every day working on marketing and meeting your business goals. Do it by yourself or do it with some of your staff. But, set aside the time every day. You’ll come away from these sessions feeling positive and invigorated. Your energy and enthusiasm will be infectious. And, one-step-at-a-time, you will be moving toward success.

Zombies in the movies are fun – but I don't want to be one. Neither should you.

3 thoughts on “Are You One of the The Walking Dead?”

  1. You are absolutely correct in needing time…I often eat through lunch and never take a break and feel exhausted, drained and beat up….I am going to try to get a way….probalby 1/2 hour at first.

  2. I used to work through lunch and never take a break. I finally realized I wasn’t doing myself or my clients any good by not getting time away. Go for it!

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