Are You Still Afraid of Speaking?

Fear of public speaking still ranks near the top when it comes to our list of fears. And, you can tell that if you have ever experienced a presentation you'd rather sleep through. A great presentation has the ability to validate both the speaker and their message. A poor one does just the opposite.

So why do so many executives and business owners continue to make presentations accompanied by Power Point slides with so many words on them even the speaker can't read them all? Is it laziness or is it because nobody has the nerve to tell the king or queen they are naked?

Fixing the problem is not difficult. You can join Toastmasters. You can sign up for a public speaking course. You can hire a professional presentation and media coach who can give you one-to-one coaching, work with your employees who also speak, or both. My friend Jill is an Emmy winning broadcaster who now does this for many business owners and executives.

Seth Godin talks about "Fixing The One Big Thing" in his blog posting today. It ties right into what I'm saying about speaking.

Twenty years ago I made a speech before a group of independent business owners who met once a year to share ideas for their businesses. Following my speech, 80% of the owners engaged my companies services within the next two years. And, they referred me to other colleagues.

One speech – one excellent presentation can change the course of your company – for better or worse.

Isn't it time to make sure you invest in making it the best?

5 thoughts on “Are You Still Afraid of Speaking?”

  1. That’s a coincidence – I joined our local Toastmasters on Wednesday night, was very impressed with the evening.
    I have applied to join a local business club and have been invited along as a guest initially and to give a short talk on what I do (to suss me out!) – hopefully I’ll be able to do it well and get some business out of it.

  2. P.S. And I totally agree with your point about Power point slides with loads of text or even worse, exactly what the speaker is saying and then the speaker is desperately searching for an extra sentence to finish it off – terrible to watch

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