Arrested for Not Leaving a Tip and More

From the "You Can't Make This Stuff Up" column we have two stories today. The first took place in my backyard at the Lehigh Pub in Bethlehem, PA where an extremely intelligent restaurant manager had two of his patrons arrested for not leaving a tip. Yes, that's what I said. They refused to leave a tip for their party of eight. Talk about customer service!

It seems it took over an hour for them to be served their salads and wings and they ended up having to get their own napkins and soda refills since their waitress was missing and outside smoking much of the time. The restaurant has a mandatory 18% surcharge. When they got their bill the tip surcharge was 22% and that put them over the tipping point. They told the manager that because their service was so terribly poor they would not pay the tip. They did pay the bill for the food, drinks and tax.

After taking their money, the genius manager called Bethlehem police and had them arrested for theft of services. The cop in this case has to be related to the manager or the owner. Otherwise, he or she needs to be removed from the force for stupidity in uniform. You can read about it here. Or, just Google it as it is all over the Internet now.

Next up is the Philadelphia city council. Philadelphia has a problem with bicycle riders that don't obey traffic laws. Two pedestrians were killed last month after being struck by cyclists. So, what's the answer? I would think it might be a good thing if the laws currently on the books were enforced. They aren't and both council, police and bike advocates agree on that.

So, what is the solution from legislators? Two council members are introducing a bill to license everyone over the age of 12 who wants to ride a bike. They would pay $20. Yeah, tax the bastards – that will stop bike accidents. Make those kids pay up and they won't ever break another law.

Finally a good story from my back yard. Crayola Company in Easton, PA is going to be focusing a lot of effort on green in the coming year. Not the color but the technology. They are building a 15-acre solar park near their plant where the energy produced by the panels will be enough to manufacture 1-Billion Crayons a year. Kudos to Crayola!

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  1. And, not only were they arrested, they were actually handcuffed. Must have been a slow day for the Bethlehem Police Force!
    They need some pro bono legal help ….just think of the publicity!

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