Ask More Questions Than You Make Statements

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Marketing and advertising experts know it, and sales people should. Always ask more questions than you make statements. Questions engage people. Statements force people to take sides and form a stance they feel obligated to defend. It’s not that statements aren’t good, but they’re part of a strategy that engages a customer so you can help them solve their problem by coming to their own conclusion you have the best solution out there:

“What kinds of activities do you use your vehicles for?” rather than
“This is a great car for soccer, shopping and hauling kids around.

“How much time does it take you to grease those widgets now?” rather than
“You can grease 10 widgets an hour with this tool.”

Questions give you room to navigate, explore, retreat and advance. Statements lock you into a path the customer may not want to go down.


“Telling is not selling; never make a statement if you can phrase it in the form of a question.” ~Brian Tracy 

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