Attract With Social Media Breadcrumbs

There aren’t many salespeople who don’t relish the times when customers come to us to buy without our having to pursue and “sell” them. The fact is many of your sales can happen this way if you perfect the practice of strewing bread crumbs (computer links of help, advice, suggestions, insight left on blogs, Twitter and various social media sites).

Crumb strewing works on two principles—navigation and name recognition. Navigation is how people find their way to a source or resource. Once people become familiar with your name (name recognition), they’re able to find and follow you through the comments, blogs and tweets of helpful advice and insight you scatter on various social media.

Name recognition is the primary goal of advertising. If you get your name out there in enough places, become known by enough people and garner the name recognition needed to stand out in a crowd of competitors people you’ve never even heard of or met will find you when they need you. It’s why Coca-Cola and Pepsi never let up on their advertising and why politicians put signs in every yard and public venue they can—they’re going for name recognition. With today’s technology by spending only an hour a day at your computer, contributing to blog comments, tweeting helpful advice on twitter, putting up a blog post or promoting someone else’s you can get the name recognition you want. Plus, you get it quickly and for free.

When you offer answers and solutions to those seeking help, you attract buyers. You don’t have to pursue them. If you haven’t explored social media, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn groups start noticing who in your industry is utilizing these methods. Remember, people do business with people they trust and they trust people they know—even if they only know you through social media. The breadcrumbs of advice, support, knowledge, help and information you scatter in bite-sized pieces across the Internet will all lead back to you. Bread crumbs. What a great sales technique!


“Navigation is a power of a limited sort—it enables us to manage the immensity of the media torrent.”
~Todd Gitlin

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