Authentic Brand Messaging with Loren Weisman

Authentic Brand Messaging with Loren Weisman
Episode 21: Show Notes.

With the surplus of hype and sales-focused messaging, the need for authenticity has never been more real. Today we speak to Loren Weisman about authentic brand messaging and hear his perspectives on the meaning of this term.

Loren is a brand messaging strategist with a focus on the authenticity, authority, optics, psychology, and perceptions of a brand, persona, or product for FSG Messaging and Optics. He is also the host of a brand messaging podcast called Wait What Really OK.

From speaking and counseling on brand messaging to brand discovery, analyzing the two sides of artistic vision, igniting the investor’s confidence, and brand protection and amplification approaches for sales, marketing, and retention, Loren helps across the array of the messaging experience.

In our conversation with Loren, we talk about what a brand messaging strategist is and the lessons our guest learned in this regard from the years he spent in the music industry. We take a deep dive into the need for authenticity in brand messaging and Loren shares a wealth of valuable lessons, such as how to set up social media in a way that provides value rather than sales, how to find success by getting clear on our unique stories, and a whole lot more! Tune in and hear more about how Loren’s approach to messaging revolves around authenticity, authority, transparency, and humility.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Loren explains what a brand messaging strategist is and how he got into the business.
  • The connections between success in the music industry and success more broadly.
  • How valuable it is to set our own parameters for success and not copy what others do.
  • The role of storytelling in marketing and the need to be authentic and find our own stories.
  • How Loren’s services only work for clients with authenticity, authority, transparency, and humility.
  • Providing useful information rather than pure sales on your social media.
  • Differentiating one’s marketing from the methods used in the surplus of marketing messaging.
  • The focus of Loren’s podcast and the role of music and SEO in its creation.
  • Ideas for marketing campaigns that local businesses and restaurants can use.
  • Loren’s experiences as a ghost drummer and why he wouldn’t trade his current career with a rockstar.
  • How to get in touch with Loren and engage his brand messaging services.
  • Perspectives on coaching being frowned upon when coaching is so necessary.


“When we step back and go to the humble place to realize every journey to success is a different story with a different set of parameters, we have a better chance to open up and set a better navigation.” — @lorenweisman [0:06:30] 

“I love it when people hate to sell. They make some of the best engagers, not salespeople, because they don’t want to be on script.” — @lorenweisman [0:12:34] 

“To me we try to present an excess of hype, and I believe people are hungry for that authentic story that is true.” — @lorenweisman [0:14:24] 

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