Be Transparent From the Beginning

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That finder’s fee, commission, affiliate cut, or other financial arrangements you’ve made with your suppliers is just part of how you and others do business. It’s no big deal. You get it. Your industry gets it. But the problem is, your clients and customers might not get it. What seems like a trivial thing to you can be an offensive deal breaker for your customer. Why? Your client might feel, think or believe that these financial arrangements compromise your loyalty to their best interest. And truth be told, they may, or they may not.

Either way, it pays to be honest from the beginning about any deals or arrangements you have that could influence your relationship, or even just appear to influence your relationship with your customers. So, let your clients know about anything you do, any associations or endorsements or contracts you have, or any loyalties you have that could impact your advice or work with them.

Be direct with your clients about anything that may influence your opinions. And do it early on in the client relationship. You’ll find that it’s far simpler to prevent misunderstandings by making early disclosures rather than later ones.


“Transparency is not the same as looking straight through a building: it’s not just a physical idea, it’s also an intellectual one.” — Helmut Jahn

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