Become a Kid Again

My grandson, Michael, is two-years-old and very creative. I bet your children and grandchildren are very creative too. It's something we are all born with as children but too many of us lose it by the time we are adults.

My second grade art teacher gave me a "F" in art. I was six years old and wasn't the type to color within the lines. She had an extremely rigid viewpoint of art and the world as I learned in later years. That grade of "F" made me believe that I had no artistic talent. It took about 10 years for me to pick up a camera and create my art. I still enjoy it and I came to believe that I am creative.

To a two-year-old everything is new and creates a sense of wonder. He doesn't have any preconceptions about what something should look like so an elephant can be pink and the ocean can be purple. A two-year-old sees in different ways than we do.

Creativity is necessary in your business and sales career. Too many people become specialists in their products and services and lose balance that creativity brings to your life. I've made it a point my entire life to learn about as much as I can about anything. You need to re-learn how to see in different ways if you're not already doing it.

You can't be an artist and ignore technology. You can't be an accountant and ignore the arts. We are all connected to each other and to ignore learning, experiencing, and creating outside is to risk become stagnant and one dimensional.

Become a kid again. Go to the bookstore and buy a book you'd never read. If all you read is non-fiction then buy a fictional story and vice-versa.

Pick it because you like the title or the cover. Read it with an open mind.

It will be a great way to go into the new year.

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