Beetles and Spam

Deadline! Is this some new code word that spammers are using? All of a sudden I'm getting email from legitimate companies with the subject line of deadline. I delete them all and block further mail.

What is it that companies don't understand about sending out unsolicited email? Do you think that pissing off hundreds or thousands of people is worth a couple of inquiries. Inquires, I might add that you probably would have gotten anyway if you had a permission based email list.3259296493_674f841cde

What really bothers me about these recent mailings is that I know where these spammers are getting the email addresses. I belong to some very specific organizations. Let's say I'm really interested in beetles. Not the musical ones but the really interesting ones like this guy.

If I belong to an organization of beetle lovers and suddenly I start getting lots of email offers for things beetle related, where do you think the spammer got my email address. There's a really, really good chance it was either from the beetle organization that sold it and thereby violated all kinds of ethical rules. Or, it was from the spammer who paid others to steal the address.

Either way, if it becomes a nuisance, I might likely revoke my beetle membership. And, if my organization sold it they lose a member which has to exponentially outweigh any income they got by selling their membership list.

Think about the real cost to you and your organization the next time you're tempted to buy or sell an email list.

Beetle photo courtesy Arthur Chapman on Flickr

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