Belief is Strong

A friend stopped by today. We shot the breeze about a bunch of stuff and then he started talking about his business. He’s had it for 20 plus years now and is well thought of by his customers. I’m one of them so I know how important customer satisfaction is to him and he makes a point of trying to always be exceptional.

But, he told me this year has been the most difficult one that he can remember. He believes that things are really worse than we are hearing when it comes to our economy. A sense of dread is apparent in his language when he talks about business and the world in general.

He may be correct. He may be incorrect. Maybe the economy is worse than it has ever been. Time will tell, I suppose. But, for him it doesn’t matter as he has already made up his mind and is selling with the belief that people don’t have the money to spend, or won’t spend it with him, and, if they do, they will take advantage of his generous terms and make him wait extra-long for payment.

He has turned his beliefs into self-fulfilling prophecies. His sales are down, people are spending less, and his accounts receivable are higher.

Our beliefs are all-powerful. What beliefs are you holding near and dear that might be acting as anchors on your own success and fulfillment? Why not try pulling up anchor and steering your personal ship with a different map. A map made up of beliefs that focus on the outcomes you want. It can’t hurt to try since the anchor has you swinging slowly in circles.

All business proceeds on beliefs, or judgments of probabilities, and not on certainties. ~Charles W. Eliot

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