"I'll believe it when I see it."

Have you ever said those words? It's the opposite of faith-of "seeing when you believe." If you believe something about yourself, your actions and values will be in synchronicity with your beliefs. If you tell your children they can grow up to be anything they want, they might one day be president. If you tell them they'll never amount to anything, it will take the belief of others to to change their destiny.

Want to be the best salesperson? You have to believe you will be. Your actions must then be consistent with your belief in order to become the best. Belief without action = dreams.

And, so it goes with our economy. The current recession will be over when we believe it is over. However, once again, we don't want to believe until we see it. We want the government stimulus, or the stock market, or our company, or someone or something else to show us it is getting better before we'll believe.

What if we all started believing it is over? What if our actions-the stories we tell each other-were consistent with that belief? Would the belief spread like a good virus?

Would we then "see it?'

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