Best App Ever – Well At Least Up Until Now!

My plan was to publish a post today about all the tools I use in my business. Then I started making a list and realized I really need to use one of my favorite tools to make this post. That would be video. I’ll do it over this weekend and we’ll have it up for Monday.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I want to quickly share with you my favorite iPad app. As many of you know, I began my career at the age of 7 as a professional photographer. (Just teasing about the age and seeing if you’re paying attention. I was actually 11.)

Sophisticated Clematis

My very favorite app at this moment is one called Instagram. It’s free and over 7 million people are using it. That’s a lot of people just in case your mind is totally boggled by the recent US debt numbers and you don’t know a million from a trillion. (I don’t.)

It works with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. I use it on the iPad most of the time. Apparently if you have made a stupid decision to go with a phone using the Android operating system you’re out of luck. Just kidding again – about the stupid part. You’re not stupid if you picked an Android OS based phone. I’m sure you bought it because you researched it and know that it is the absolute best possible phone OS for your needs. I mean Apple is evil. We all know that. I’m the one who got sucked in by their gorgeous design, engineering, service and apps.

I’m pretty sure the Android folks have left by now and are writing nasty things about me on Google +1. Oh wait a minute. I just got a note from someone named “IAMDROID” who wants me to know there are similar apps like Instagram running under the Android OS. Even my hero Robert Scoble has written about it here and on Quora. Robert knows his shi*t so you really ought to read these articles.

All done reading. Okay. So, go forth and prosper my Android friends. Make lots of Instagram photos (well sort of but not quite as good as Instagram but who cares it’s only the Internet and nobody is paying attention anyway.)

Instagram. That’s where we started. Go try it out. Have fun. Take new photos and use the filters and play, play, play. It’s fun and you’ll get some very interesting images. I’m using it for both new photos and some old images I’m having fun in making into Instagrams. The photo here is one I took with my iPhone of my grandson, Michael, as he sat behind the wheel of a firetruck a couple of months ago. You could see him dreaming. And, also looking for a way to blow the siren!

Dreaming of Being a Fireman!


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