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Bigstockphoto_group_laughing__candiDo you value your employees? I’d take a wager that you answered yes to that question. But do you really? Do you take care of them better than anybody else can? You might believe you do but if you can’t spell out HOW you do it, you may have a problem. Or, maybe you don’t believe you need to take care of them better than anyone else can. If that’s the case – read no further. You’re in the wrong line of work.

I’ve had business people tell me that they can easily replace employees during rough economic times since the available pool is larger. My guess is that with that kind of employee attitude they really aren’t taking care of their current employees better than anyone else. And, treating employees like commodities when times are rough will come back to bite “you know where.” When things get better your best people will leave.

Let your employees know they are valued and that you care about them personally. If you aren’t a “people person” and aren’t capable of being empathic then I’d suggest you get a partner or someone who is capable. Listen to them. Ask them their advice. Have them put themselves in your shoes. Let them know you heard them and give them feedback.

If you need one last reason to take care of your employees better – remember this. If you do, odds are that your employees will be taking care of your customers the same way – better than anyone else can.

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