Blocking, Tackling and Monday Morning Marketing

When you try to please everyone you’re not going to be happy with the outcome. You can’t do it. Likewise, when you try to market to everyone you are also setting yourself up for failure.

One of the more difficult challenges I face is convincing business owners to focus their sales and marketing efforts. However, by focusing on people who actually want what it is that you are selling, you increase your odds of success. And, you also decrease your marketing costs – as well the amount of sleepless nights worrying about the business.

Makes sense – right! Why spend resources trying to become known in a huge market. Instead, become perceived as the expert in your niche – what Seth Godin calls your “hive.” By focusing on your hive, you will be perceived as adding more value to your clients and customers. You’ll see a greater return on your investment of time and money.

First, determine the life-time value of a customer/client. If you don’t know the value of a customer in terms of actual dollars, how can you determine what you should spend in marketing to obtain that customer. Yet, I think 95% of businesses operate from some budget number based on a percentage of sales to determine what to spend on marketing this year. The lifetime value gives you a much better idea of what makes sense to spend.

Then give the people you identify as potential hive members a reason to pay attention to you. Just like you, they have very busy lives so they are always looking for reasons not to pay attention. You need to provide something of value that will stop them long enough to hear that first message. It can be information or education or a free gift. And, here’s an important thing to remember, when you are first building the hive and have no members, you will have to offer even greater value or rewards.

  • Determine the life-time value of a client.
  • Focus – determine who is best served by your company. Don’t try to be everything for everyone.
  • Give them a reason to listen to you – to pay attention to you and your story.
  • Understand this is an interactive process. Once and done on your part is not going to work.
  • Build a relationship. Ask for continued permission to talk to them.
  • Don’t be a Luddite. Use the tools that are available today to communicate.
  • Test, measure, test, measure.
  • Be patient

It’s time to get back to basics. That’s what professional football teams do every year at this time.

Let’s start with determining the life-time customer value. You might be surprised at what you’ll discover.

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