Act As Though They Said “Yes,”

I know some salespeople have a mantra of “Always be closing.” I don’t, by the way, and I think you’re making a huge mistake if you believe that’s how to sell. Think about this. What might happen if you change your mindset to “Always be helping”? Always be helping is another way of working on

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It’s New to Them

You’ve rehearsed your presentation a hundred times. Okay, maybe two or three hundred times. You can rattle it off in your sleep. You know it cold. The thing is, your potential customer doesn’t. He or she hasn’t heard it before. They have questions. If they’re an introvert they need to process those questions in their heads,

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Positive Profiling

I have a friend who used to be a police officer, then a Private Investigator. She’s female so I think she’s naturally attuned to what people are wearing, how they move, how they act, when they’re lying. I see shoes; she sees the brand, cost and fashion sense. When OJ Simpson was on trial and

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When Buying is Painful

I like to spend money. Who doesn’t? But I can be a real tightwad at times too. We all can. Of course one man’s tightwad is another man’s frugal. It’s all a matter of how much you have to spend. When you’re trying to get a customer who hates to spend money, even when they’re

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When Your Product Isn’t the Best Solution

I have a graphic artist named Jana who does amazing things with images, words and photographs, but she doesn’t do logos. She’s not shy about it either. For many reasons she’s determined that no matter how great she is as an artist, when it comes to logos customers are better off finding someone else. She’s

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Finding Leads

One of the things most salespeople know they should do is to ask their current customers, or new clients, “Is there anyone you know who could use this product or service?” It works sometimes, particularly right after you’ve just made a sale and the customer is feeling good about your exchange. However, some customers are

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