Something Happened

Something happened to me over the last month. I lay on the beach for 8 days in a row in Punta Cana while attending my daughter’s wedding. That week gave me a lot of time to ponder all the changes that have been taking place in my life the past year. One of those changes

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Social Media is Not The Answer

I hope that headline grabbed you, because it’s true. But it’s not the whole thought. “Social Media is Not The Answer, But It Helps If You Use it Properly” is the entire headline. I recently asked people what kind of responses they were getting from social media—was it helping. I got mixed results, with many

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Customer Service is a Sales Tool

There aren’t many of us who expect perfection any more. What customers do expect is an appropriate and heartfelt response that demonstrates you truly care. In other words, when it breaks, fix it. For instance, study after study has shown that nurses are the least likely people to be sued when a patient sues a

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Build Bridges

There have been times I’ve gone on a walk and found wonderful little footbridges to get me across a stream. They come complete with handrails, a view, maybe even a sign with the name of the bridge. Some are wide enough for bicycles and pedestrian traffic, others are one person at a time type structures.

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The Difference Between Sales and Marketing

I’m often asked what the difference between sales and marketing is. They seem to be the same thing, but they’re not. Marketing is putting yourself out there and telling people what you do and what you sell. Sales is the actual process of interacting with people who respond to your marketing and following through with

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People do business with people that they know, like, and trust. Since we can’t pick or choose the “type” of person we are most likely to trust and like right away, we need to learn how to effectively with everyone’s personality style.” Learn how in this report and start increasing your sales right away!

Selling To The Four Personality Types

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