Breaking Rules

Tim Brownson is our guest writer with today’s Sunday Doughnut. Tim is a Life Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, Blogger and published author. You can read more by checking out

Tim Brownson

One of the cool things with Life Coaching is I get to use all the best bits of sales such as rapport building, creating win/win situations, asking questions and listening, without the need to file sales reports or explain my actions to anybody else.

Very few Life Coaches understand sales and marketing and because of that many are struggling to generate clients. The set off with all the enthusiasm in the world and with the best of intentions to help their future clients.

Then nothing happens and they cannot understand why people aren’t beating a path to their door.

I recently ran a blog post offering to mentor a new Life Coach for the remainder of 2012 for free. I have no idea what the value of that is, but it certainly would run into several thousand dollars if you wanted to hire me because I’m giving unfettered access.

At the time of writing I’ve had 150 comments on my blog of which about 50 are from people wanting to take me up on the offer. Of that 50 guess how many have stepped outside the box ?

By that I mean haven’t just blindly follow my rules of leaving a comment stating their case, but did something extra to separate themselves from the competition?

Not one.

Not one person has picked up the phone to me. Not one person has e-mailed me making a stronger case. Not one person rallied their supporters to help their cause or did anything remotely creative to inspire me to want to work with them.

Sometimes rules are there to be broken.


If I’d observed all the rules, I’d never have got anywhere. ~Marilyn Monroe

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