Bridging the Gap with Lynn Smargis

The Watercooler Hangout Podcast
Season 04 Episode #09
Bridging the Gap with Lynn Smargis

“I help business owners bridge the gap between the idea in their head and turning that idea into content.” ~Lynn Smargis 

Jumping Careers from Teaching to Content Creation

“I’ve always been a creative person my whole life, but I never considered having a creative job.” Lynn decided to get into teaching for her first career. After listening to podcast interviews, she decided to write for a living and travel. “I wanted a job that would be flexible for travel.” After receiving a settlement, she decided to jump from teaching to creating content and becoming a freelance writer. 

Making Connections to Start a New Career

At first, Lynn wanted to write editorials for a living and quickly found out that this was not an efficient process for creating consistent income. She started her new career in content creation by offering website content and LinkedIn profiles, building her business organically. “My two superpowers are coming up with ideas and networking.” Using these two superpowers, Lynn hustled and started connecting with other business owners to build her network.

Pivoting for a COVID Comeback 

“Half of my clients were travel-based before COVID hit and I lost all my travel clients the second week of March.” Being a business owner, Lynn is aware that being consistent and dedicated to what she does is key to running a successful business.

Lynn is pivoting her content creation business with the start of her new content membership, Content Concierge. Content Concierge is a membership platform that travel professionals can join for a monthly subscription to have access to unlimited travel content which can be personalized for their business.

In addition to offering content, Content Concierge is also a networking platform as travel influencers, and travel podcasters will also be a part of her membership. Her service will also offer monthly digital webinars for travel professionals to learn how to create their brand online.

Travel Gluten-Free Podcast 

Travel Gluten Free Podcast gives people who lead the gluten-free lifestyle a better way to live. Travel Gluten Free’s host gives insights into how to easily lead a gluten-free lifestyle at home, at work, and during travel. Learn the ins and outs of how to successfully be gluten-free with less hassle and more fun and enjoyment! Lynn has taken her podcast content and created and published her book The Guide to Traveling Gluten Free.

Listen in as we talk about delegating work in your business, how to create a book from your podcast, networking on Instagram, and the process of repurposing content into different formats.

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Steve Dotto and I are writing a book together called “No Limit Over 50” to be published in the next few months – more details to come!

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