Buying (Or Selling) Cheaper

Let's say your sales career is at a point where you feel stuck and you're thinking of changing companies or product lines. It is a maxim that it is just as difficult to make a large sale as it is a small one. Actually, my experience over a lifetime of selling is that it is usually more difficult to make the small one.

One of the main reasons is that at lower price points people tend to shop – price! Higher priced items or services usually carry with them some intrinsic value or cachet that outweighs the issue of cost.

This also works for marketers who are setting prices. Very often, when I work with a client, I recommend raising prices while communicating more clearly the VALUE. People who are only interested in cost are probably not good potential customers for small businesses. Small business is usually focused on providing better service and value and that does not translate to cheaper prices.

Like my good friend, Marie, said yesterday – "I'm tired of buying stuff from big companies by mail based on glowing descriptions and being dissatisfied with the quality. This time I went to a local company who might have been more expensive but they sold me exactly what I wanted. It's not worth my time and frustration driving around, wasting gas to save a buck and in the end get less quality."

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