26 Hours a Day

What would you do if tomorrow you found out there will be 26 hours in your day from now on? Everyone else will still have 24. You just got two extra hours a day.

  1. Would you start that exercise program you keep putting off?
  2. Maybe you'd start volunteering at the food bank you heard is hurting for donations.
  3. You could decide to give the two hours to your family.
  4. I would write more letters to friends and clients.
  5. You could join Toastmasters and practice public speaking.
  6. Then there are all those books you've never read.
  7. I still want to take piano lessons.
  8. You could do something to earn money those two hours and pay off all your debt.
  9. Your kid's school is always looking for parents to help out.
  10. You could start that blog, write an e-Book, or write a novel.

You already have the two hours. You have all the time necessary to do all of these things. You need to decide to:

  1. Get up earlier.
  2. Go to bed later.
  3. Forget about TV.
  4. Give up cocktail hour.
  5. Quit wandering aimlessly through the Internet. (That alone will take care of 2 hours for many people.)
  6. Quit using the half-dozen excuses you use not to do your list.

Or, you can keep telling yourself you don't have the time to do any of those things you say you want to do.

It's always comes down to you and the things you choose are most important.

What’s Your Next Big Thing?

Facebook is 5 years old. Wow, how many times have you heard or read that this month. The actual date was February 3rd so you're late if you wanted to send a card.

I was surprised (but shouldn't have been) by the number of articles I read about the occasion in mainstream media. In fact, there were so many I found myself wondering what is the next big thing that will get people really excited.

I like Facebook. Young people moan that old people have taken it over. But, I think they secretly like the idea of having family part of the network. By the way, Time magazine's contribution to the birthday event was an article – Facebook Is for Old Fogies.

But, what's next? Are you a member of any private or public social networks created using Ning? They tend to be very specific like a network for people who love tea, or fairies and vampires, or Shih Tzus. I've created several for friends and clients and have been invited to join several more.

Will they be the new Facebook? Maybe they are the Spawn of Facebook. Or, does that sound like a really bad horror flick?

Personally, the next big thing I'm looking for is something mobile. It will be ubiquitous as a cell phone and as easy to use. The new wireless readers like the Kindle are a start. The new thing will be similar but it will be flexible and, eventually, fold-able. I'll be able to put in a pocket of my jeans without damaging it or my myself. And, it will deliver content, email, and even Facebook as seamlessly as television and on a "screen" that is magazine size.

I can't wait to use it. We're getting close. Flexible and fold-able might be a ways off. Oh, wait a minute.

What's your next big thing?

Getting It Done

For the last month, I've been a beta tester working with a new time management system from Mark Forster. Mark is the author of three books on time management and organization including "Do It Tomorrow" published in 2006.

The new system is called Autofocus. It is deceptively simple. So simple, in fact, that at first you wonder if it will work. I have found that my daily productivity has increased dramatically. I would have been happy with any increase at all but I find that I am getting more done that I ever have.

Others around the world are saying the same things. Mark also has a great Forum you can join to pick up tips.

Here is a link to the instructions. Click Here For Mark Forster Autofocus Time Management System.

By the way, it is FREE.

Like a Rock

I've always enjoyed sitting at the side of a stream and watching the water flow past. Some of my favorite memories are doing nothing more than following along the path of the meandering Little Beaver Creek where I grew up in Southeastern Ohio.

Maybe like me you've taken note of how the rocks in the creek are shaped over years of having the stream flow around and through them. The rocks don't have any choice in the process. The environment determines their shape and ultimate future.

Sometimes I speak with people who tell me they are stuck and when I hear that I picture them in my mind as a rock. They say they want to write a book, or start a blog, or create content for their marketing efforts but they are unable to get moving. Like a rock, they are letting their environment dictate what they will eventually become.

People don't need to be stuck. We're free to choose our path and processes. One of the greatest joys we as humans can feel is the ability to engage in creative processes and projects that stretch us, stir our imaginations, and ultimately shape our lives and those around us.

Choose wisely.

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