Change Happens

People buy for their own reasons – not for yours.

That includes voters. It’s not enough that you know all the reasons why someone should want to buy what you’re selling. It’s not enough to throw advertisement after advertisement at them without knowing their reasons for buying. And, quite often, the reasons why they bought what you (or your political party) were selling the last time they bought – changes.

Things happen to alter their view and their viewpoints. When your long-time customers experience change in their lives, you’d better be on top of what they are experiencing. The same old story isn’t likely to get their attention.

You have to learn their reasons for buying. You need to ask them. You don’t need to persuade them or “sell them.” They will sell themselves if they see you as the person who best understands their needs and can do something about it.

They buy because of what they believe you will do for them.

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