Changing the World – Really!

Persistence. Patience. Listening.

I've discussed those qualities here many times. In the last three days I've been privileged to read a true story about a young woman who possesses all of these in a greater quantity than most of us can imagine.

The woman is Jacqueline Novogratz and her book is called The Blue Sweater – Bridging The Gap Between Rich and Poor In An Interconnected World.

You know the line, "You had me at hello." Well, Jacqueline had me by page 31. This is a story about the adventure of a young woman who decided to change the world. And, it is a story about how she actually did (and is still doing it). It has action, murder, intrigue, politics, villains and heroes. It will also make you cry.

Most importantly it tells a story about how all of us can learn to listen like her. And, when that takes place, you'll never feel the same way again about yourself or the world you live in.

It is also a book about sales and marketing. Business and markets. Social entrepreneurs.

But, for me, it is mostly a love story about a woman who knows that all people are created equal and will thrive and prosper with love, discipline, education, support and tools. Kind of like a family.

Jacqueline Novogratz is the founder of the Acumen Fund.

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