Check Your Expiration Date

What if we all were born with expiration dates? Actually, we are but very few ever learn their exact date. How would our lives change if we were given a stamped expiration date on our birthday?

Would you plan more or would you live your life more carefree? Would you live your life with more passion knowing? I know people who live their lives like they know this might be their last day – and they do it day-after-day. For example, they refuse to take part in a recession or pity parties that last longer than 3 minutes.

And, I know people who live as if they have forever and don't mind wasting today on being miserable and self-defeating. And, they also do it day-after-day. In business, you'll find them paralyzed by listening to the gloom and doomsday people. Their lives become one of self-fulfilling prophecy.

Which type of person do you prefer being around?

Which type are you?

Think about that as you check your expiration date.

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