Some of you may remember the television series “Cheers,” about a local Boston bar and the people who hung out there every day. The one line in the opening song to the show that everyone remembers is, “Cheers, where everybody knows your name.” It may seem like a small thing, but being remembered, being called by name when you walk into a place, whether it’s an office, a restaurant or the doctor’s office, makes us all feel safe, included, and noticed.

It’s not just hearing our name as we walk in the door. It’s hearing the welcome and the warmth in the voice. It’s calling someone on the phone and hearing their professional tone turn to joy when we say, “Hey, it’s Bob.”

Norm was the favorite customer at Cheers and you can bet everyone knew his name. For those of us old enough to have watched Cheers the name Norm always brings back fond memories. But, I digress.

The value of using that name isn’t something we can put into a spreadsheet or quantify, but it works. Learn to express genuine warmth and appreciation. Call your clients, prospects and customers by name. Make them feel welcome whether they’re calling to place an order, complain, or ask for their money back. The little things do count.


“Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.”Albert Einstein

photo compliments of Lara Mercer

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