Chicken, Ribs and Exponential Growth

Last month I helped a friend put on a summer celebration for 100 people on his farm. This past Saturday night, another friend hosted a party for 500 people. The smaller event worried my one friend because they had never hosted a party for that many people at once. However, my friend who had the larger party was unfazed. Why? Because he has been involved for years in hosting the largest high school alumni association celebration where thousands attend. They typically break records for the amount of chicken and ribs served at their sit down barbecue dinner.

That got me to thinking about business owners and salespeople. Typically sometime in December, we sit down and plan for the coming year. We set goals and salespeople are given quotas. Both are usually no more than a twenty percent increase and many people just hope to be able to do as well as they did the past year.

But, what stops us from doing even more? What holds us back from exponential growth? Most often it is a belief that it can’t be done. A salesperson will say, “I worked liked crazy this year and there is no way I can increase sales next year more than ten percent.” The business owner tells themselves that they can’t work any more hours and hopes for a good year.

What do you think would happen if you actually did have a fantastic year – let’s say you increased sales by fifty percent? You no longer would be able to walk around believing it can’t be done. And, you could do it again. I know that for a fact because I’ve done it and I’ve seen it done by many others. So, what’s holding you back from doing it now? Stop thinking about the economy and believe.

By the way, contrary to popular opinion, you just can’t think about it and it will happen. You still have to do the work. You still have to grill the chicken and cook the ribs.

But, serving 500 people chicken and ribs is a walk in the park when you’ve already done thousands.

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