Chicken Soup, Scotch, and Happiness

I was just about to write that I am sick today when I remembered being scolded by one of the nuns who taught me in grade school. Actually, I was pretty much always be scolded but that's a story for another time.

She told me that I wasn't sick but that I was ill. Little did she know! Lots of people tell me I'm sick!

Anyway, this will be brief as I'm trying to decide whether to try the chicken soup cure or the Macallan 18 cure. Actually, why take any chances. I'll try them both and that should do the trick.

Those of you who get my blog by email will need to click on the actual URL to understand what I'm about to tell you. So, click here and we will continue.

Okay. Everyone back now? To the right of your screen is a book by the title "How To Be Rich and Happy." That's quite a title and you might wonder if it could possibly live up to its billing. It does.

I could give you a list of reasons why you should by it. It is an eBook and it will cost you $47. That's what I paid for it despite the fact that (full disclosure) the authors will give me a few bucks if you buy it. But, like I said, I paid for it and I did so because I know Tim Brownson, one of the authors. And, I knew that if Tim had a hand in writing it I was going to get at least 20 times my $47 investment back by applying the knowledge I'd gain.

That's my guide for buying books, by the way. If I don't believe I will get at least a 20 times return on the cost of the book, I don't buy it. How the heck do I determine that? Well, sometimes I've read the person before like Seth Godin. Seth writes a book and I know I could pay $100 for it and get at least a $2000 return.

Tim and his co-author John Strelecky have a great guarantee. "If within twelve months after putting the formula to work in your life,
you aren’t living the Rich and Happy existence you defined for yourself
– let us know, and your investment will be returned in full."

So rather than the long list of why you should buy this book, I'm going to ask you to just believe me. The book and its process is that good. I'm personally using it.

And, what the heck. If it isn't, you can get all your money back and since you bought it on my word, I'll send you a free copy of my new book which will be out later next year.

Okay. Thanks for letting me tell you about "How to Be Rich and Happy." I'm off to find the chicken soup and scotch. Even sick, I'm a very happy man.

2 thoughts on “Chicken Soup, Scotch, and Happiness”

  1. I feel cured. But, I’m out of both soup and Macallan.
    I also feel very lucky. I have a number of friends and colleagues with this swine flu. They are really hurting. It is a good week of down time. I may go into my cave for a while. Thanks Jodi! Stay well!

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