Clean it Up and Move On

Live long enough, or do sales long enough and you’ll screw up. You’ll make mistakes, drop the ball, burn the bridges, anger clients and customers, or simply implode. Welcome to the world. We all screw up—and often we do it in brilliant and highly visible ways. Most people do one of two things—blame circumstances outside themselves and walk away, or take responsibility for their actions and clean up their mess and then move on.

When you move on after blaming someone or something for your failures, then someone else is left to clean up the mess and deal with the situation. You’re forever seen as the one who caused it, never the one who rallied and recovered. If you admit your role or part in the mess, clean up and fix what you can and then move on when you’ve done all you can, you at least salvage your self-respect and may garner the respect of others as well.

Accepting responsibility doesn’t mean hanging your head in shame, although you may feel like doing just that. It means owning your actions and behaviors, making amends, apologizing, resolving to change (if needed) and taking steps to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

No, it’s not fun, not easy and it takes a real man/woman to do it. When the time comes for you to own it remember, (1) It’s not the end of the world (2) everyone fails (3) communicate and cooperate to resolve the situation (4) identify the take-away, the lesson you learned from it and (5) keep on going. It’s water under the bridge. Move ahead with your head held high.


“Mistakes, obviously, show us what needs improving. Without mistakes, how would we know what to work on?”
~ Peter McWilliams

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