Cleaning the Notebook

I'm doing my end-of-the-year notebook cleaning. Here are some musings for your consideration.

Webinars are distracting. I've attended a half-dozen in the last month and every one of them had technical or presentation problems. The use of dynamic movement is still very glitch prone and you need to have a technician.

Without dynamic movement, you simply have either a talking head or a sequence of slides. The technology is still not even that great in terms of synchronization. But, I'm sure it will catch up and I keep writing down names of companies working in the field.

Teleconferences, in my opinion, are still more effective, especially with the ability to ask live questions in real time, or listen on a delayed basis. They are also far more cost effective.

If you're in sales, you still need to get out and meet with people to build relationships. Get out and speak – anywhere. Network with your audience. Identify potential buyers and always follow up with something that will add value to their lives or business whether they ever buy a thing from you.

Interact with positive people. It is easy in this economy to find those who are negative and want to discuss why things are so bad and aren't going to get better any time soon.

And, lastly, I appreciate that you invest your time to read The Water Cooler. I hope I've helped you this past year with some ideas on building your business.

If you're new in business or your sales and marketing career, you need to recognize that there comes a time to stop building the house and to start living in it.

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