Common Sense by Any Other Name

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If you still have a bookstore in your town go by and check out the business books selection. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of titles on how to be a great leader, a great businessman, a great salesperson and a great entrepreneur. But when you dig down into all of them they all say the same thing, just in different ways: “Be authentic, listen, solve problems, be generous, be honest, build relationships and lead well. Demonstrate gratitude, humility and compassion.” Back when I was growing up those character skills were called “common sense, style, compassion and decency.” It was how people lived their lives. It was character. If you had good-to-great character and worked hard, you succeeded. It still works like that today.

What clients really want are the solutions: the practical and workable ideas that come from character and common sense. If you can come up with ideas and alternatives that clients can use to solve the problems they have right now, you don’t really need a top ten list of business secrets, let alone a shelf of books of them.


“Common sense is genius dressed in its working clothes.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

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1 thought on “Common Sense by Any Other Name”

  1. I find that many people have no idea what “common sense” is, even if they think they have it.

    From a business standpoint, it’s “common sense” to me NOT to put customers through 5 minutes of punching buttons on the phone to reach a live person, but it’s done anyway.

    Maybe some of those books help to train how to acquire “common sense”, etc..

    Thinking out loud again–plus testing the comment notifications 🙂

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