Computer Crash May Help You

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        I had a major computer problem over
the weekend when a RAID array decided to die. For those not technically
inclined, imagine you have a bunch of hard drives on your computer and they all
died at the same time. In my case, I wasn’t too worried as I had created a
disaster disk and backed-up the system. At least I wasn’t worried until the
disaster disk didn’t work.  As a result, I spent hours with my
technical advisor and even more hours rebuilding the array during the time I had
already scheduled for other things. And, I’m still not sure everything is back.
I’ll find out eventually.

        "What does that have to
do with me?" you ask. Well, my suggestion to you is to sign up today for some kind of backup software and use it
regularly. Hard drives are going to crash and accidents will happen. My
daughter’s cat fried her laptop when it knocked over a glass of Pepsi that was
sitting too closely to the machine. Make sure you are putting copies of your
digital photos someplace besides on your one machine. I’d hate to see you lose
years of memories and it has already happened to too many people. Lots of you
don’t have any backups. You know who you are; so buy the software or sign up for
a service that works over the Internet. Do it today; you’ll sleep better
tonight. Google backup software or photo backup services and you’ll find plenty.
Even Windows has backup software, although I’ve never used it.

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  1. So… new laptop time. Since I’ ve only had good luck with Dell (well, the blue screen of death might argue that, but the laptop was old and had given her all) I was pretty determined to have another Dell. Lucky for me, they carry a few models in the stores now. So my first couple days in Vegas weren’ t spent in the casinos or at the shows (altho we did take a few drives down the strip to watch the lights and shows), they were spent in computer stores But now I’ m up and running, back on the ball and ready to rock. …

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