Cone of Silence

Photo courtesty Cote on Flickr If you're in business (or politics which is nothing like business but qualifies for this post) you might want to remember the campaign from World War II which cautioned both servicemen and civilians to keep quiet about information that might aid the enemy. It was called "Loose Lips Sink Ships."

I find it both amusing and amazing to be a party to what should be confidential conversations both by people in person and on cell phones in public places. Today it was a loud talking gentleman who spent his lunch sharing with all those seated around him what had to be both strategic and tactical business information while speaking with his lunch guest.

People do the same thing on cell phones particularly on Amtrak trains running the northeast corridor from Washington DC to New York. You'd think that they believe they have a impenetrable cone of silence around them.

Would you post this kind of information on Facebook? You might as well if you're a person who insists on making your conversations public.

Photo courtesy Cote on Flickr

2 thoughts on “Cone of Silence”

  1. The cone of silence! Thanks Bob, you made me smile.
    I agree. I’ve overheard way too many conversations on city buses about medical problems, marital difficulties, and business strategies. Every once in a while, the passengers rise up (as one), and collectively cry, “SHUT UP”!

  2. I love New York!
    I used to invoke the cone of silence at business meetings when we had outside visitors whose pants were a little too tight. The software developers would play along and everyone learned to lighten up and have fun.

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